Hawaii Carpenters Union Master Agreement

Ondřej Havlín 22.9.2021
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On September 3, 2018, wages and benefits for trade unionists, cement workers/masons, workers and company engineers in Hawaii will increase as shown in the table below. [1] This table does not include other costs, such as association fees and fees for the Sector Improvement Program. Members of the employer of GCLA, BILA and other signatory subcontractors who have questions regarding newly effective compensation and ancillary benefits may contact Ken Kawamoto, Dixon Suzuki or Mike Nitta of the Hawaii Employers Council at (808) 836-1511. Subscribe to our training sessions to inform yourself at an early stage of upcoming events. With Thanksgiving just over and the Christmas period approaching, it seems like the time is right, especially this year, for employers to consider implementing a leave-sharing policy. . . .

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