What Is An Air Bridge Agreement

Ondřej Havlín 15.10.2021
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The list was compiled using a „traffic light system“, with air bridges granted to countries in the „green“ and „yellow“ sections. Malta is on the approved list of countries that English residents can visit this summer without having to be quarantined upon their return. It has now been confirmed that a reciprocity agreement will come into force from 15 July, meaning UK residents will not have to quarantine themselves even in Malta. Learn more about air bridges and what they mean for your holiday here. Air bridges, also known as travel corridors, are a way to allow tourists from two countries to travel between destinations without having to quarantine on arrival or return. Instead of the previous two-way „air transport“ agreement, which would see other countries lift restrictions on British visitors arriving in exchange for their citizens` access to the UK, the new „travel corridor“ approach only removes the mandatory ten-day self-isolation period upon their return to the UK – and only for UK residents. Rules vary in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. All arrivals must also provide their contact details when returning home by plane, train or sea. Portugal`s foreign minister confirmed that his country was discussing airlifts with his British colleagues so that tourists could avoid quarantine. Tourism Minister Fergus Ewing added: „When travelling, it is important to plan ahead and check what facilities are open, such as public toilets and parking availability.“ For example, it seems unlikely that countries that have a very different number of cases – higher or lower than the UK – will establish an airlift with the country. But airlifts would allow the UK government to strike deals with countries with low R-numbers – the average number of people someone infects with the virus – to make exceptions.

When does this come into effect? The policy has not yet been officially announced; Transportation corridors are expected to be established on June 28 or 29, and the first air bridges come into effect on July 4. Spain, France and Italy will be among the first to have air transport agreements with the UK. Transport Minister Grant Shapps confirmed on his personal Twitter feed that he will publish the list of countries eligible for an „airlift“ today in time for the summer holidays. Air transport agreements between countries, especially those with low coronavirus cases, would allow travel in both directions without restrictions. Britons who were hoping for a summer holiday abroad gained some hope in the form of „air bridges“. Here you will find the answers to all your questions about airlifts. Is demand high or are people cautious? Sean Tipton of Abta, a British travel association, said: „It`s a very mixed picture – some people are desperate to get on the first plane from here, others won`t feel comfortable yet when they travel.

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