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The Learning Agreement is a document that records your choice of courses. It contains information about your study programme and the ECTS points awarded for each of the chosen modules. Select the courses you wish to take at ESCI, International Business School, complete your learning agreement by listing them and the corresponding number of ECTS points (ECTS Guide 2015). Discuss your choice with your coordinator at your home institution. To obtain an ESCI Transscript of Records, you must provide a properly completed and signed document. International students can receive a mandatory transfer of their studies at PH Zurich to their home university if a learning agreement has been concluded between the student and their home university before the start of their studies abroad. This Agreement shall be signed by the study coordinators of the home and host universities. The obligation of the host organisation is to offer a quality internship, relevant to the student`s learning path, with clearly defined learning outcomes and after the end of the internship, issue an internship certificate. The obligation for the sending institution is to ensure the quality and relevance of the internship, to monitor the progress made by the student and to grant recognition of ECTS points for the results obtained successfully. The learning agreement is an official and binding obligation between the student, the sending institution and the host institution/organisation/company for all learning activities to be carried out. The apprenticeship agreement is also essential for traineeships, as it is a binding document that defines the learning activities that the student must carry out as part of this educational component.

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