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Ondřej Havlín 25.9.2021
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For the team of the agency in charge of the implementation of the project, the kick-off meeting of the project is an opportunity to get the most important information they need to succeed and demonstrate their enthusiasm and understanding of the project, it is a chance to trust the client for having made a good decision in the choice of the agency and the project team. It is also an opportunity to sell the resources you have reserved for the project so that the client has a sense of confidence in the team that will be at the client-kickoff meeting. By giving them a behind-the-scenes look at your team, I hope your client will fight back and give for better or worse to the personalities who could influence the project. The kick-off meeting is such a critical moment in a project. Basically, it is about orientation. Basically, a good kick is the result of proper preparation. But to make a project kick-off meeting properly, it takes more than a lot of luck or ten minutes of preparation before the meeting. To give yourself and your team the best chance of success, it`s not just the project kick-off meeting to consider. In this guide (complemented by a downloadable project kick-office meeting program), we discuss three steps to properly organize a project kick-off meeting – follow these steps to organize an effective project kick-off meeting: during the „real“ kick-off meeting, it is possible to recap with the entire project team the roles and responsibilities, so the purpose of the project team`s discussion is to try to learn more about the roles and responsibilities of the project team. To win and share the team dynamic. A smooth and shiny project kickoff presentation is an important part of the Kickoff meeting.

Remember that the project kick-off meeting, the gathering of information and the joyful is an opportunity to show the client and stakeholders: „We have it!“ – that they have made a solid choice in choosing your agency and that you know what you are doing. If possible, beyond the usual talking points that are on the kickoffs` agenda, discuss with your team if there are any useful exercises that can be performed during the customer kick-off meeting in order to get some early insights or boost the project. But here`s the fact: starting a „correct“ project will be different for each project. Project Kick-off is therefore a flexible and scalable game. You`ll find a minimum number of activities to include and a number of others that you can mix up depending on your team`s needs. The kick-off meeting should last as long as it takes to cover the contractual conditions in sufficient detail for joint agreements to be concluded. Depending on the complexity of the work, the meeting can last between 1 and 4 hours; most on average about 3 hours. The client project kick-off meeting is an opportunity to hear from the client and their project team as well as other stakeholders about the project and to have a better understanding of the context, the companies that led to the launch of the project, a project briefing and a discussion on how it will be successful. If you feel like the essential activities are all your project needs, that`s cool. But if you can take your time, one or two of them could make the kick-off meeting even more successful. Don`t keep all your new knowledge to yourself. After your meeting with the client, you need to join your team and update them with your discussion so that they are well prepared for the kickoff meeting.

Extremely useful for someone who needs to organize a kick-off meeting and has never done it before. Thank you very much! A kickass-kick-off-meeting guides your team and gets things done. Here are our favorite activities (don`t miss the example`s calendar page in step 1!) . . . .

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