Ivanhoe Grammar School Enterprise Agreement

Ondřej Havlín 24.9.2021
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„We now have a number of cases where independent schools have rushed to provide staff, but have given in to a challenge from the IEU.“ The private schools union is putting forward a test case that will cast doubt on employers` power to call on workers due to pandemic restrictions, putting pressure on schools to rehire staff. „The school has now revised its provisions for the administrative roles most affected by the current learning environment to adapt them to new attribution changes,“ the spokeswoman said. Ivanhoe Grammar declined to give details to The Age, but said the move to distance learning in that term had „a profound influence on how our students are taught and how our school operates.“ The withdrawal means that the school and the Independent Education Union will no longer clash on Friday at the Fair Work Commission. We believe that the school is defined by its people, and the Ivanhoe Grammar School is centered on the obligation to appoint great people at all levels of employment. The union and Independent Schools Victoria recently reached an agreement to allow schools to cut salaries and hours for general employees by up to a quarter. Beth Blackwood, chief executive of the Association of Heads of Independent Schools of Australia, warned that job cuts in schools are likely due to falling revenues, high staff costs and uncertainty about staff qualifying for the government`s wage replacement scheme. „The Fair Work Commission`s process has made it clear that it is not easy for employers who are not employers of jobs to bring people into compliance with the Fair Work Act, especially in schools where you are still learning online.“ The Independent Education Union will go to the Fair Work Commission next week to argue that a drop in work does not justify the Victorian Ivanhoe Grammar School not falling under the Fair Work Act. .

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