How To Check Interline Agreement In Galileo

Ondřej Havlín 23.9.2021
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19 End-to-end process Each of the enhancements described in this document helps the travel agency subscriber validate the information related to the booking files. Individually, they are useful tools, but combined they can offer an end-to-end process that helps eliminate pricing, tax, and payment errors. The workflow process described below aims to indicate where each of these functions is best performed, both for traditional travel agencies and for online travel agencies. In some cases, the issuing agency would receive an agency levy from the airline in order to recover the shortfall. With this new extension, the Galileo system will refer to data tables showing the credit cards accepted for each airline. At the time of issuing credit card tickets as payment, the system will return these tables in order to determine the acceptance of the credit card. If the credit card is not accepted, an error response will be returned to the screen. Please note that Galileo needs accurate and up-to-date information from airlines to accurately reflect and enforce credit card acceptance policies. At the first introduction, the credit card acceptance charts will be set in such a way that all airlines accept all credit cards in all markets, as is the case today.

When new information is received, the system tables will be updated to remove the acceptance of cards that are not part of the airline`s payment systems. Credit card validation processing is called with the following commands: Document Issuance (TKP) Filed Fare Update (z.B.: TMU1F /D0612*A12345) Manual credit card authorization (e.g.B.: JVAX /D1206/V1/MBA) Automated MCO Issuance (MCOP) Galileo currently accepts transactions for the following card types: American Express (AX) MasterCard (CA) Diners Club (DC) Japanese Credit Bureau (JC) UATP including AirPlus (TP) Visa (VI) No card Credit (XX) All credit cards are accepted (empty) Cr The validation of the edit card is used to: Perform checks that ensure that certain types of cards are accepted by a designated air carrier 1995, 1995, 1995, 1990, 1990, 1990, 1 Other restrictions that airlines may apply, such as for example. B at least 50% of the value of the ticket, must be retained for segments operated by the plated airline. . . .

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