Stakeholder Relationship Committee As Per Listing Agreement

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3. The Board of Directors decides on the other members of this committee. This company must be punished with a fine that cannot be less than that of the Indian rupees a lakh, but which can extend to five Indian lakhes, and any late company officer is liable to a prison sentence for a sentence of one year or a fine that cannot be less than twenty-five thousand Indian rupees, but which can extend to Indian rupees or with the two. The law has adopted strict infringement provisions, which not only result in fines, but also the detention of any officer who is late in the company. The only exception to the section 178 violation is situations in which the Stakeholder Relations Committee does not consider any claim in good faith. It is proposed that reasoned responses to the failure to take into account a complaint or the failure to respond to a claim (provided it is in good faith) be provided by an actor or bondholder or holder of pledges or by any other deposit holder by the committee. For listed companies, stakeholder rights play a very important role in corporate governance. The listed company forms a stakeholder relations committee that examines different aspects of the interests of shareholders, bondholders and other security holders. A. ROLE OF THE NOMINATION AND COMAE OF THE RÉMUNÉRATION: the role of the Committee is in particular: in accordance with the regulations, the Committee meets at least once a year. The Chair or, in his absence, any other member of the Committee whom he has authorized on that behalf participates in the general meetings of the company.

(e) The President participates in the General Meetings of the Company to answer questions from security holders and, in the absence of a chairman, any other member of the commission authorized on behalf of the company participates in the general meetings of the company. c) The committee may also form executive subcommittees if the company has one or more of a type of securities listed on the stock market. This will contribute to better management and prompt resolution of shareholder complaints. While stakeholders can hope that more processes will be integrated into a business, only the management and activity of a business will be improved, but it remains to be seen how the participation of such a committee would improve a company`s corporate governance.

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