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Ondřej Havlín 12.4.2021
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Once a shareholder contract has been concluded – preferably at the same time of the company`s creation – it is hoped that each signatory will meet all the conditions. However, sometimes, either intentionally or negligently, one or more provisions are violated. In this case, the party who has suffered damage may be entitled to damages, but very often the act in question. B of the award of new shares is perfectly valid and remains binding on the company and cannot be challenged, unless the company has acted outside the statutes or legal provisions. Shareholders are the decision-makers and managers of the company. They resolve different issues and resolve disputes. Buying shares and becoming a shareholder is a pre-defined process governed by the shareholder contract. Each agreement clearly expresses the process of entering the circle of shareholders and exiting. Shareholders can decide the value of the shares. If a shareholder wishes to withdraw from the company, he must obtain fair value of the shares. At the same time, remaining shareholders should receive affordable payments. If the parties intend to execute a formal agreement, the courts generally conclude that the parties do not intend to be bound by that document, unless they both sign it.

However, this conclusion will change if the facts change, so that the Tribunal can objectively find that the parties have changed their minds and are now considering being bound by contract immediately and not after the formal execution of the document (Article 2-116, Chitty on Contracts IDSSA contains fairly uniform pre-purchase provisions on share transfers, which give existing shareholders a first refusal to acquire shares that are for sale in relation to their existing shares. can become a shareholder. Transfer provisions are also applicable, so that a person must put his shares up for sale in the event of resignation or death as a director. Finally, there is a delay (which requires minority shareholders to accept an offer to buy the company by a third party if at least 75% accept the offer) and to mark the provisions (which allow minority shareholders to participate in the sale of the company at the same price and at the same price as the majority shareholders). The indication of the company`s senior management may prevent subsequent shareholders from dismissing the officers, even if they acquire the majority stake or control of the board of directors. This can give the company some consistency in management. However, for the same reason, the officer`s indication may also prevent the company from attracting demanding institutional investors who wish to set up their own management team to lead the group. When a company lends money, the lender will often ask shareholders for a guarantee.

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