Sample Loan Agreement On Stamp Paper

Ondřej Havlín 12.4.2021
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A friend by thickness and thinness. We usually speak to our friends or close family when we need financial assistance. We lend (or borrow) money on the basis of mutual trust. As a general rule, these types of credits (manual loans) are not guaranteed. In most cases, the terms of a loan are not defined. If the repayment (repayment of the loan) does not occur, relations between the two parties will be strained. First of all, thank you for this information page. In 2014, I lent two lakhs to a family friend who thought he had promised to pay it back „soon.“ Two years have passed, and he apologises incidentally when I ask him for my money. I managed to get him to write a PN (on white paper, signed by 2 letters of turnover, 2 witnesses also signed the PN) dating back to 2014. My question is, is this PN sufficient (I also have the electronic receipt for the bank transfer I made and also recorded conversations with him) to legally force him to return my money? I would hesitate to bring them to justice if success is not guaranteed. How long this type of litigation lasts on average for judgment. Thanks again and wait for your comments. Dear Mr Reddy, I would like to ask for a personal credit case in which I gave 10lakh rupees as a loan to a known person in interest, I took check from him for the same amount signed a fixed paper with indication of the interest rate and the duration of one year for the contract .

No clause is mentioned as what will happen after the end of the contart period, nor on penalties or non-repayment clauses of principal and interest . the person had paid regular interest to me in the 1st year and even in the 2nd year with the return of 5 pricipal pricipal. but now for the past two years, he has no interest and the principal in indicating his financial situation is poorly paid. the check he gave is obsolete and because no refund condition fails and penaties is mentioned on the stamp paper.. I can ask him to be interested, and if he denies it, there is nothing I can do about it legally. If stamp duty is paid by the lender, it makes a difference. Interest-free loans are not taxable in the hands of the lender or borrower.

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