Interobserver Agreement Data Sheet

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A basic rule might be to conclude that assessments of data reliability and processing integrity must be carefully considered in a context in which this data is collected. How conservative or liberal is the insurance measure? How important is it to record each instance of behavior? What is the treatment method used? What are the likely consequences of a treatment integrity error given the method used? Behavioural reduction focuses on all unhealthy behaviours that aim to decrease. The two primary sheets used in this component are the ANtecedent Behavior Consequence (ABC) and the Scatterplot data sheet. The use of shorter intervals during a longer observation period increases the calculations of honorability and improves the certainty that both observers recorded the same behavioral instance. The use of shorter intervals within the session is sometimes referred to as a proportional method. To calculate proportional match, the entire observation time is divided into discrete units (intervals). For example, a 10-minute observation can be divided into 60, 10 s intervals. The records of the two observers are then compared in each interval of 10 s. If z.B. one observer records two behavioral instances in the first 10s interval and three behavioral instances in the first interval, the reliability for this interval is 66.7% (two instances divided by three instances and multiplied by 100). Once reliability has been calculated for all observation intervals, the values are average to obtain average reliability for the entire observation.

Although 10-s intervals are common in research, larger intervals such as 1-min or 5-min in daily use may be more convenient. Data from brief monitoring meetings could also be used to verify the reliability of the manager`s data collection. A comparison of the physician`s records with the caregiver`s file could provide immediate feedback to the caregiver on the reliability of the data collection and the integrity of the intervention.

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