External Asset Manager Agreement

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Over the past 40 years, Pictet has established itself as a strategic partner of more than 450 independent asset managers. For the client, an EAM can offer a good alternative for independent investment advisory and asset management services. They may prefer to work with a smaller organization with which they have good relationships than with a predominantly large institution. They may also be disappointed by their current supplier, for a number of reasons. For UK residents: our specialists and internal relations managers in the UK offer limited advice on a limited range of investment products selected for the Julius Baer product and service platform. The products and services offered depend on the client`s residence and Julius Baer`s legal entity. We have a cooperation agreement that clearly defines the role and responsibility. External asset managers, also known as independent asset managers (IAMs or EAMs), are private asset management companies that provide tailored asset management services to high-quality, ultra-wealthy clients. Before any agreement, we do an in-depth analysis of each partner on the basis of legal documentation and business plan.

Framework Agreement for External Asset Managers (EAMs): You provide portfolio management services to your clients, while Julius Baer acts as custodian and is responsible for fund management. A partner with more than 35 years of commitment to external asset managers and financial advisors, Julius Baer helps you achieve your goals with the following service models: Single Point of Entry: All asset classes are negotiated comfortably and securely by a team. Pictet has developed its own real-time Internet-based system that allows each authorized client or asset manager, advisor, accountant, etc., to display data at the portfolio level or at the consolidated level. Our multilingual e-banking platform provides external asset managers with access to in-depth analysis of their portfolios (in terms of exposure, risk and performance) in real time. AMAs are generally small, narrow organizations and operate in a different way than large private bank teams. For example, EAM`s assets cannot be retained as a private bank. Therefore, an AMS will have as a deposit partner a number of banks from which the client`s assets will be held and reserved. Private banks have dedicated teams of relationship managers, whose only priority is the management of EAMs, IAMs and similar financial intermediaries. An attractive point for the customer is that he does not need to move his assets from his current bank.

As long as EAM has entered into a deposit agreement with its bank, its assets remain secure and all asset management is managed exclusively by the EAM. Our platform also has a series of trading functions that allow independent asset managers to conduct trading operations (equities, bonds, funds, futures, options, etc.) and also allows EAMs to make fiduciary deposits and bank transfers. Pictet also provides tax returns for more than 50 countries (specific or general tax return). THE EAM offers the following asset management services: Pictet has developed a customer boarding tool to reduce administrative burdens as much as possible. No conflicts of interest: no corporate finance / focus on agency trade with total discretion. Pictet offers a number of reports, so we retain maximum flexibility in providing customers with their information needs. This configuration guarantees the customer a complete, accurate and consistent reporting service. Our one-point principle and low staff turnover have led to an uncompromising customer philosophy. Finally, the Client Onboarding Tool (COB) offers an online platform for EAMs to open accounts for their customers and perform KYC processes (you know your client).

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