Doe And Aecg Partnership Agreement

Ondřej Havlín 9.4.2021
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„NSW AECG is the highest advisory body in the Department of Aboriginal Education. This partnership strengthens work to strengthen the education of Aboriginal children and youth,“ said Mitchell. Aboriginal training in nsw government schools will be enhanced by a new partnership agreement signed this week between the NSW Department of Education and the NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (NSW AECG). The agreement was signed for today`s virtual launch by Cindy Berwick, President of NSW AECGExternal Links, and Mark Scott, Secretary, NSW Department of Education, and was testified by Minister Mitchell. The NSW Department of Education appreciates our current partnership with the NSW Aboriginal Education Advisory Group Incorporated (NSW AECG) and is committed to further strengthening this relationship. We recognize NSW AECG as the highest municipal council for the Aboriginal Training Department at all levels and at all stages of planning and decision-making. Our renewed partnership focuses on a strength-based approach. The department is committed to listening respectfully and learning from NSW AECG and its network of regional and local CETAs. We are proud of the foundation of trust that underpins our relationship, and we will work together and take our next steps in an authentic and equal partnership. Together, we will strengthen cooperation between Aboriginal communities and schools, work together toward common goals in Aboriginal education, and celebrate together the successes of our students and communities. The department and NSW AECG are accountable to each other if we are committed to ensuring that our students develop their full academic potential, while accepting and promoting their social, emotional, spiritual and cultural needs during their individual travels.

We will work together to give all employees and students an understanding and appreciation of the richness and diversity of Aboriginal cultures and his stories. The department recognizes and appreciates the support of the NSW AECG community base in this work. We know that by improving knowledge and understanding and listening to Aboriginal voices, we will help build a culturally secure school environment in which racism is eliminated and is part of great places to work and learn. In the field of education, we know that every child deserves to be known, appreciated and cared for in school, and we are serious about our goal of preparing young people to reward a life as a citizen committed to a complex and dynamic society. I look forward to the department and NSW AECG Walking Together, who are working together to achieve these ambitions. Mark Scott AO Secretary, NSW Department of Education „The clarity of the partnership will guide the development of a 10-year plan with intermediate and annual functions.“ We hope to see more of these sensible partnerships between schools and the Community in 2020.

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